Tree Up-Lighting

11:08 pm - May 27, 2019

This is some BAD tree up-lighting in a public area. So dangerous I had to share.                   Naked bulbs. Wow. Someone just could walk up and touch this and get burned. Look closely and... Read Full Post +

Garden Club Award Winner

11:06 pm - May 20, 2019

Texas Garden Club Flowercade Flower Show was held at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens on April 17-18, 2015. Alexandra Taylor brought home HUGE wins- This Leopard Plant won an Award of Merit – and her Azalea won an Arboreal Award. These two awards... Read Full Post +

Facade Lighting Highlights Texture

8:03 pm - May 13, 2019

The front of your house or building is called the “facade.” Often, we are called to do lighting on the home facade – this brings beauty and elegance, provides security, and an inviting atmosphere. It can really show off the... Read Full Post +