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From design planning to maintenance, we are DFW's choice provider for lighting needs. We have offered a wide variety of services since 2008, guaranteeing amazing lighting solutions.

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How It Works


Consultation, Site Survey & Preliminary Designs

After the initial phone call, we’ll come to your location with our design team to look at your property and perform the site survey. We’ll walk around the property with you to get your input for the use of the spaces and begin general discussions about your lighting design.


Design, Installation Plan & Proposal

A design and installation plan is constructed including measurements and the wiring design plan. A proposal is then submitted to our client, which includes labor and material cost, sales tax and payment agreement. Once a proposal is accepted by the client, installation is scheduled.


Installation & Order Completion

Elegance Outdoor Lighting strives to complete jobs in a timely manner so that our customers can enjoy beautiful outdoor lighting. The size of the job generally determines the time frame in which it can be started and finished. When the installation is complete, we will contact you to approve the final product.

Maintenance Services

With regular service, your landscape lighting system will perform as designed and enhance your property’s beauty and elegance season after season.

Ensure Proper Working Order

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Adjust, Re-aim & Re-focus Fixtures

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Adjust Time Clocks & Controllers

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Replace & Lubricate O-rings, Seals & Gaskets

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Replace Lamps

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Trim & Prune

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Repair & Replace Fixtures

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Have Questions About the Cost of Maintenance?

Cost is usually determined on an individual basis by several factors including the quantity and type of fixtures, accessibility of the wiring and the age and type of system. As with any service, don't pay in advance.

Starting with a reasonable Service Call fee and hourly troubleshooting charges, we will give you a detailed listing of the work we recommend, a material pricing list, and a final estimate for repairs.

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