Garden Club Award Winner 11:06 pm - May 20, 2019

Texas Garden Club Flowercade Flower Show was held at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens on April 17-18, 2015.

Alexandra Taylor brought home HUGE wins- This Leopard Plant won an Award of Merit – and her Azalea won an Arboreal Award. These two awards are a BIG DEAL in the Garden Club community and signals that Alex does really know plants! The Elegance Outdoor Lighting showroom is an award-winning garden!
In all, Alex won 13 first place awards, including awards for Niagara Grape, Sage, Strawberry, Stonecrop, Azalea and Leopard Plant! Second place awards – 6, including Rosa Red Dragon – the first time entered! 4 third place and 1 honorable mention, for a total of 24 awards out of 27 entries! WOW!

Alex is active with the Colleyville Garden Club, and studies botany and horticulture. She credits working with her grandmother for so many years – “My grandma taught me how to care for plants. They will thrive if you put them in the right place and then care for them.” Alex credits home-made compost with lots of good coffee grounds.


If you’d like Alexandra Taylor to help with your beautiful garden, just contact Elegance Outdoor Lighting and make an appointment for Garden Design consultation.

Call Alex at 214-460-5956

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