Garden Design 8:11 pm - April 20, 2019

Alexandra Taylor, with Elegance Outdoor Lighting and Garden Design – is an award winning horticulturalist and lighting designer. A winner of over 60 awards from Texas Garden Clubs, and prestigious awards from the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Alex is accomplished in creating garden environments and choosing the right plants to create a beautiful garden design. Add lighting and you have the whole package!


Even if your garden is already in bloom, Alex knows how to deftly weave the wire through the planting areas without disturbing your plants and adding just the right touch to make the garden glow!

Variegated Marengo ivy winding up toward the canopy of orange trumpet flower. Astilbe will be next to bloom in this part – shade garden. Later in summer, Elephant ears will dominate the corner and provide a gorgeous accent to the area! Lighting is nestled behind the rock- at night a subtle spotlight is on the dragonfly and ivy. So pretty!

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