Lighting Statues in the Garden 11:14 pm - June 27, 2019

This is my favorite garden art of all time. This awesome dragon statue is just crouching in the garden, surrounded by hosts, ferns and impatiens. He is simply gorgeous, and yes, I found him at Redenta’s in Dallas, TX.

For deep shade, it’s important to use variegated and lightly colored plant material. These are Patriot Hostas, and nearby the Texas Star Columbine is just at the end of its blooming period in this garden. I designed this feature area, from just a plot of rocky earth. There are hydrangeas in the background, variegated ivy, some strawberry geranium, and in the background, a pair of rather large ferns.

Elegance Outdoor Lighting specializes in creating a dramatic vision. Alexandra Taylor, President and Senior Designer, chose this demi fixture for lighting the statue. Note that it creates drama, but not glare. There is a visible shadow on the fence behind the dragon, but the features of the statue are clear, but not too bright. You can ease upon this and your eye remains relaxed. You don’t feel the need to squint, as you may if the light on the feature is too bright.

To show off the engaging color at our dragon’s feet, I chose a small copper path light, which I treated with a special mixture to advance the patina and cause green and white dusty hues to emerge. My fixture choices here are from FX Luminaire.

Lighting statues in the garden can be a challenge. As a designer, I take great care in the placement of the fixture in the garden, respecting the plant material, allowing room for growth, selecting a fixture that will blend in and enhance the appearance of the area.


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