Facade Lighting Highlights Texture

8:03 pm - May 13, 2019

The front of your house or building is called the “facade.” Often, we are called to do lighting on the home facade – this brings beauty and elegance, provides security, and an inviting atmosphere. It can really show off the... Read Full Post +

Incandescent Lighting Puts Out Heat

8:07 pm - April 27, 2019

Incandescent lighting puts out heat What is with the snow?!! It’s beautiful for sure! Do you have Palm Trees? Did you know that you can wrap the palm trees with burlap and use string incandescent lights to provide warmth? The new... Read Full Post +

Garden Design

8:11 pm - April 20, 2019

Alexandra Taylor, with Elegance Outdoor Lighting and Garden Design – is an award winning horticulturalist and lighting designer. A winner of over 60 awards from Texas Garden Clubs, and prestigious awards from the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Alex is accomplished in... Read Full Post +

Copper Fixtures

8:05 pm - March 27, 2019

Copper fixtures are by far the most beautiful in the landscape. They patina like a copper penny, nearly disappearing in the garden. Sometimes they DO disappear! The landscape guy at one of our clients CUT this with a shrub trimmer! Whew!... Read Full Post +

Time For Landscape Lighting

8:09 pm - March 20, 2019

Time for landscape lighting! When the strawberries bloom, it’s time to think about your outdoor lighting plans for the summer! I know, it keeps raining and raining (and raining) – but that doesn’t mean we can’t get going! Call Elegance Outdoor... Read Full Post +