Garden Design

8:11 pm - April 20, 2019

Alexandra Taylor, with Elegance Outdoor Lighting and Garden Design – is an award winning horticulturalist and lighting designer. A winner of over 60 awards from Texas Garden Clubs, and prestigious awards from the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Alex is accomplished in... Read Full Post +

Copper Fixtures

8:05 pm - March 27, 2019

Copper fixtures are by far the most beautiful in the landscape. They patina like a copper penny, nearly disappearing in the garden. Sometimes they DO disappear! The landscape guy at one of our clients CUT this with a shrub trimmer! Whew!... Read Full Post +

Time For Landscape Lighting

8:09 pm - March 20, 2019

Time for landscape lighting! When the strawberries bloom, it’s time to think about your outdoor lighting plans for the summer! I know, it keeps raining and raining (and raining) – but that doesn’t mean we can’t get going! Call Elegance Outdoor... Read Full Post +

Flag Lighting – The American Flag Deserves Respect

8:04 pm - February 27, 2019

I’m a military veteran. I served in the United States Navy and I feel wholeheartedly that our flag is a symbol of our country. Our freedoms. Our liberties. Our rights. I believe in America. I’m from Texas, so that’s “‘Merica.”... Read Full Post +